2NDESIGN First Cleanser Pure & Moist Review

2NDESIGN First Cleanser Pure & Moist Review

2NDESIGN First Cleanser Pure & Moist Review

2NDESIGN First Cleanser Pure & Moist Review

Korean skincare has gained a lot of popularity worldwide. The main reason attributed behind it is that Koreans focus less on looking pretty, rather their primary concern is to take care of one’s skin. Korean beauty products make use of gentle formulations with the use of natural and harsh free ingredients. One such Korean brand that I would be introducing to you all is 2DESIGN. They promise that “No matter what skin you were born with, we can design a better skin for you.”Their philosophy revolves around “Skincare first, Design second.” Their primary focus is to formulate products using the best quality ingredients. So today I’ll be writing up about 2NDESIGN First Cleanser Pure & Moist Review.

What the brand claims about 2NDESIGN First Cleanser Pure & Moist

A scent-free, gentle facial cleanser that cleans away makeup residue and skin impurities, perfect for double cleanse routine.The slightly-acidic formula is infused with amino surfactants to leave your skin feeling supple after cleansing.Formulated with EWG green grade ingredients only.Free from 20 kinds of controversial chemicals.Skin irritation test completed.

Packaging of 2NDESIGN First Cleanser Pure & Moist

 2NDESIGN First Cleanser Pure & Moist Review

This brand adopts a very minimalistic, sleek and classy approach while packaging its product. The  2NDESIGN First Cleanser Pure & Moist comes in a white tube packaging with a flip open cap over it. This kind of packaging ensures that you just take out the right amount of product.

Consistency and Fragrance of 2NDESIGN First Cleanser Pure & Moist

 2NDESIGN First Cleanser Pure & Moist Review

The consistency of this cleanser is slightly on the thicker side. The best part about this cleanser is that it is free of fragrance. I usually don’t like my skincare products to have any kind of fragrance therefore brownie points to the brand for ticking the box on this factor.

First Experience with Korean Skincare product

2NDESIGN is my first ever venture into the K-Beauty world. After using their products now I can understand why Korean skincare products are so raved all over the world. This brand stands true to its promise that it will definitely provide you with a much healthier-looking skin. I have been using the 2NDESIGN First Cleanser Pure & Moist for more than fifteen days and have observed a drastic change in the texture of my skin. Honestly speaking I never thought that a cleanser can be so miraculous on one’s skin. I’ve been using it both in my am and pm skincare routine.

 2NDESIGN First Cleanser

A short brief on 2NDESIGN cleanser

This cleanser creates a rich foamy lather and you just need a pea-sized amount for your face and neck. This cleanser is very gentle on the skin and helps in getting rid of all the dirt effectively. It is a low ph based cleanser that matches the skin ph levels. Usually, cleansers with a high ph level strip away the natural oils from the skin and make the skin feeling dry and stretchy.


I massage this cleanser on damp skin for 60 seconds and wash it off with normal water. Post washing my skin feels squeaky clean and baby soft and smooth. This cleanser helps in getting rid of whiteheads effectively. It did not make my skin dry rather it imparted a glow to my skin because of the presence of citric acid in it.My skin looks instantly refreshed. I use this in my pm skincare routine too and it helps in getting rid of all the dirt and impurities (sunscreen also). If you are into double cleansing then also I feel one won’t need to use any oil-based cleanser. This cleanser would be sufficient enough to cleanse your skin effectively.

If your skin is irritated or breaking out then I highly recommend you to try it out as it helps in calming all sorts of redness and irritation. This cleanser helps in minimising the appearance of large pores to a certain extent. Although it’s a low ph based cleanser it does not leave behind any slippery feel. This cleanser is going to last me for a good amount of time because just a pea-sized amount is sufficient enough. My skin feels soft and supple post washing because it has a slightly acidic formula infused with amino surfactants. Therefore to conclude I highly recommend you all to try out this cleanser. Once you give it a try I am sure you would never want to use any other cleanser.


Ingredients of 2NDESIGN cleanser


You can purchase 2NDESIGN products by visiting roseroseshop.official or on cosmeticjolse website.

Have you tried this cleanser yet? If yes, then let me know your experience in the comment section. For more updates regarding beauty products you can subscribe to my blog.

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