2NDESIGN First Cream Moisturizer Review

2NDESIGN First Cream Moisturizer Review

Hello, beauties! Hope you all are enjoying the fall season. Well, I can’t wait for winters to start and sleep till late morning. Finding a moisturizer that suits your skin type can be a very daunting task. There are different skin types with different skincare needs. Today I’ll be sharing with you all my experience with a moisturizer which will suit almost all skin types. Therefore this post is going to be about 2NDESIGN First Cream Moisturizer Review. In my previous posts, I’ve already mentioned how much I love this brand. Their clean formulations are packed with an array of skin-nourishing ingredients. The brand ensures that your skin needs are fulfilled at a reasonable price point. So without wasting any further time lets dive into the review of this beautiful moisturizer.

2NDESIGN First Cream Moisturizer Review

2NDESIGN First Cream Moisturizer Review

The 2NDESIGN First Cream Moisturizer claims to improve and soothe compromised skin barrier. This moisturizer has a very lightweight consistency. It is neither too thick nor too runny. Upon application, it gets instantly absorbed into the skin. I’ve been using it for more than a month after cleansing, toning, applying essence and ampoule. I know that’s a very elaborate skincare routine.

2NDESIGN First Cream Moisturizer Review

I have a combination skin type which starts sliding towards the drier side during winters. This moisturizer does not give any greasy or sticky feeling. It Intensely moisturises and soothes the skin. My mom on the other hand has extremely dry and sensitive skin and she also loved using this cream. It provided ample amount of moisturisation to her dull and dry skin. I started using this moisturizer when I had a compromised skin barrier due to over-exfoliation. This moisturizer came to the rescue and helped in soothing my skin barrier. The key ingredients in it are Squalene, Butanediol, Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol, Centella Asiatica, Licorice root extract to name a few.

Benefits of Key Ingredients in 2NDESIGN First Cream Moisturizer

2NDESIGN First Cream Moisturizer Review


Squalene is full of antioxidants. It provides intense moisturisation to the skin. It is brightens the skin and improve skin elasticity. Squalene also helps in soothing compromised skin barrier.


Butanediol is helps to moisturise and hydrate the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

This cream has two types of hyaluronic acid in it with different molecular weights. This ensures that the skin is intensely moisturised and hydrated without any sticky feel.


Panthenol is helps to improve the skin tone. Along with that it deeply nourishes the skin.

Centella Asiatica, Liquorice root extract, Green tea Extract

All these ingredients are help to brighten the skin. Because they are packed with antioxidants. Thus helps in fighting free radical damage.

This moisturizer is fragrance-free. I did not experience any breakouts. The main reason behind it is that it has zero allergic reaction substances in it. It is even non-comedogenic therefore it won’t clog your pores. With regular usage, I can say that my skin has become soft and supple. Therefore overall I enjoyed using this cream. It is a no-fuss cream that fulfils its claim of moisturising and soothing the skin. If you are on the lookout for affordable K-Beauty products then you should check out this brand. Using a hydrating and nourishing moisturizer help in keeping the skin elastic and prevents early signs of ageing.You can visit roseroseshop.official or cosmeticjolse website to purchase 2NDESIGN products.

Ingredients of 2NDESIGN First Cream Moisturizer

2NDESIGN First Cream Moisturizer Review


  • Moisturises hydrates and soothes the skin
  • Fragrance-free
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Did not cause any breakouts
  • A power-packed formulation
  • Absorbs quickly into the skin
  • Does not leave behind any greasy film
  • Improves skin barrier
  • Non-comedogenic
  • EWG Green Grade in all substances
  • Budget-Friendly



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