2NDESIGN First Toner Essence Review

2NDESIGN First Toner Essence Review

Hello beauties, I’m back with yet another product review for you all. Today’s post is going to be about 2NDESIGN First Toner Essence Review. I’m completely amazed by this brand and its power-packed formulations. I’ve already reviewed their cleanser and toner. Today I’ll be reviewing yet another beauty from this brand. I’m really excited to share my viewpoints on this beauty. So without wasting any further time lets dive into the review of this product.

Ingredients of 2NDESIGN First Toner Essence

2NDESIGN First Toner Essence Review

2NDESIGN First Toner Essence Review

The packaging of this essence is just like their toner. The essence comes in a plastic bottle with a screw lid over it. It acts as both a toner and an essence. I apply this essence after cleansing and toning my face with this brands products. This essence is more vicious and milkier as compared to the toner. Because of the presence of hyaluronic acid this essence gets its consistency. It is extremely lightweight and does not leave behind any sticky feel. You can layer your other skincare products without the fear of them balling up on your skin. This essence is very hydrating and soothing. It enhances the skin barrier and provides abundant moisture to the skin. This essence has two kinds of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weight to hydrate the skin.

2NDESIGN First Toner Essence Review

Key ingredients Benefits

The key ingredients present in this essence are Butanediol, Panthenol, Oligo HA, Sodium Hyaluronate, Multi Ex BSASM PLUS and Red Snow. Butanediol maintains hydration and moisturisation and prevents moisture evaporation. Panthenol improves the skin tone, moisturizes and hydrates the skin. Oligo HA is a micro molecular hyaluronic acid that absorbs moisture. Whereas Sodium Hyaluronate is a high molecular HA that prevents moisture evaporation and hydrates the skin. Multi Ex BSASM PLUS is a combination of 7 different types of naturally extracted ingredients that improves the skin barrier. Lastly, Red Snow relieves the skin and makes it firm. With this thoughtful power-packed formulation ones skin is definitely going to benefit in several ways.

Final Thoughts

With continuous usage, my skin has become soft and supple. It prepares the skin for further layering of products. With the winters approaching, my skin needs that much-needed moisturisation and this product does help in deeply moisturising my skin. If you have a compromised skin barrier this essence will definitely help in soothing your skin. It is infused with EWG green grade ingredients. It is free from artificial fragrance and colourant. Overall I love to use this essence. One should definitely give it a try.


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