Busting Most Common Winter Skincare Woes

This article will be busting your Most Common Winter Skincare Woes. Long back I had written this post but forgot to post it. As the winter season is going on, along with it comes various skincare troubles. We all love winters but our skin might have a love-hate relationship with this season. Some of the most common winter skin troubles are:

Dry skin

Dehydrated skin

Dry and Chapped lips

Undereye dryness

These are just a few skincare issues that we experience during winters. The answer to all these issues is the mistakes that we commit unknowingly. What works for your skin during summers, turns out to be a nightmare during winters. Combination or oily skin type might slide towards dry and dehydrated skin during winters. Whereas dry skin is more prone to becoming extremely Sahara desert dry. Its always a good option to switch to natural, handmade skincare products. Your skin will always thank you for using natural skincare products if you knew their authenticity. Natural skincare products are devoid of harsh chemicals that wreak havoc on skin. Following are a few essential tips for most common skincare problems in winters.

Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Busting Most Common Winter Skincare Woes

Commonly, our water intake during winter reduces to a great extent. Due to this reason, our body gets dehydrated. The result of dehydration becomes evident on our skin. The skin eventually becomes dry and dehydrated. Therefore, one must ensure to have a balanced water intake during winters. Apart from consuming water, one should also opt for using moisturising products. With regular usage of chemical-based products, our skin is prone to getting rough and dry. In today’s scenario, there are many natural skincare brands that one can choose from. One of them being Miva Naturals. They have specialised winter skincare and body care products. For example, their Triple Butter bar and Body Butter are highly moisturising and nourishing. They can be a great addition to tackle your winter skincare and body care woes.

Dry and Chapped Lips

 Busting Most Common Winter Skincare Woes

Mostly 85% of us face dry and chapped lips during winters. Our lips do not have oil glands and due to little humidity, they become prone to excessive dryness. Chapped lips result in accumulation of dead cells. It is very important to exfoliate your lips at least once a week. After exfoliation always use a good quality lip balm.Foy Naturals has nourishing variants of lip balm that are reasonably priced.

Undereye dryness

 Busting Most Common Winter Skincare Woes

Undereye dryness is the most common trouble that comes along with us during winters. Due to this, the skin around the eyes becomes dry and stretchy. This can be a troublesome issue for some of us. One of the drawbacks of undereye dryness is early signs of ageing around that area. Therefore, always ensure that you use a good quality hydrating and moisturising under eye cream. There are various eye creams to solve various issues like dark circles, dryness, wrinkles. Choose the right one depending upon your actual needs.

These are the most common winter skincare troubles. They can be easily tackled if one takes proper care of themselves. Few tips one can follow are:

Avoid hot water showers

Don’t over-exfoliate

Avoid chemical-based products and switch to natural skincare

Have a balanced diet

Hope this article has helped in busting most common winter skincare woes. Do you have any winter skincare secret? If yes, do let us know about it.

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