Duft & Doft Salmon Vgene Hydro Active Eye Cream Review

Duft & Doft Salmon Vgene Hydro Active Eye Cream Review

Duft & Doft Salmon Vgene Hydro Active Eye Cream Review

Often times we undermine the importance of eye creams. The area around our eyes is extremely delicate and sensitive. It is prone to dark circles, fine lines, eye puffiness and dryness to name a few. Therefore a good quality eye cream always comes to the rescue to solve various issues. What if I said all these eye concerns can be covered by one single eye cream?! Yes, So today I’ve come up with the Duft & Doft Salmon Vgene Hydro Active Eye Cream Review. It is a multi-use eye cream that claims to combat wrinkles, restore, hydrate and brighten the under-eye area. As we age our skin starts losing its density and is unable to produce collagen and Vitamin A- the building blocks of our skin. With this Advanced Vgene Complex made of highly concentrated Collagen, Salmon Egg Extract, Hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid, Adenosine, Niacinamide, Ceramide, Sodium DNA and green tea it helps in restoring the skin density.

Duft & Doft Salmon Vgene Hydro Active Eye Cream Packaging

Duft & Doft Salmon Vgene Hydro Active Eye Cream Review

Can we just take 2 moments to admire the luxurious packaging of this eye cream? This eye cream is encased inside a red cardboard box with all the necessary details mentioned on it. Inside the box lies this true beauty. This Salmon Vgene Hydro Active Eye Cream comes in a tube form. I find this kind of packaging very hygienic. It will dispense just the right amount of quantity needed by you.

Duft & Doft Salmon Vgene Hydro Active Eye Cream-Key Ingredients


Helps in maintaining skin elasticity. As you age, the rate of collagen your skin produces slows down, so using eye creams with peptides helps stimulate their growth.

Salmon Egg Extract

Salmon egg extract is high in amino acids, fatty acids and omega 3. It helps to brighten and tighten the under-eye area.

Hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid

Locks in the moisture and keeps the skin well hydrated and moisturised.


Yeast derived adenosine has anti-ageing properties. It helps in improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Supports the skin barrier and increases resiliency.


Ceramide helps in replenishing the natural lipids and seals in moisture.

Sodium DNA

Salmon DNA helps in skin regeneration. It improves skin elasticity and reduces the signs of ageing.

Green tea

Green teas contain antioxidants called flavonoids and tannins that have an anti-inflammatory effect. The tannins can help to tighten the skin and draw out fluid to further alleviate any puffiness.

How to use

Duft & Doft Salmon Vgene Hydro Active Eye Cream Review

I’m using this eye cream for more than a month in my pm skincare routine. I apply it after my moisturizer.Although the order can be changed depending upon the thickness of your skincare products. It’s consistency is just PERFECT, neither too runny nor too thick. This eye cream is almost fragrance-free. My under eye area is prone to dark circles and dryness. I have tried out various eye creams and other than moisturizing they did nothing else. With continuous use, I must say that this is by far one of the best eye creams that I’ve tried. You just need a pea-sized amount for both the eyes. Therefore I’m sure it’s going to last me for a good amount of time.


This eye cream glides on very smoothly and absorbs into the skin within a few seconds. It does not leave behind any greasy feel. Unlike other eye creams, if it goes into the eyes, it does not sting at all. My under eye area is extremely sensitive but this eye cream did not cause any irritation. In fact, it has made my under eye area well hydrated and moisturized.Usually, I wake up with puffy eyes in the morning. But with this beauty, I can say that my eyes look less puffy and the appearance of eye bags is almost negligible. I did not expect this eye cream to work on my dark circles. But to my surprise, it has worked great in reducing their appearance. My under eye area looks much brightened and refreshed.It has made my under eye area much firmer and brighter.

Lastly, I have even tested this eye cream on my mom.She has been using it along with me for about one month.To be honest fine lines and wrinkles cannot be reduced within a short span of one month.One has to be consistent and set realistic expectations while testing out various products.I would say that this eye cream has helped in slightly reducing the appearance of her under eye fine lines due to the highly concentrated skin loving ingredients present in it.

The Salmon Vgene eye cream can even be applied to those areas where you can notice fine lines(eg laugh lines). Therefore if you’re looking for a multi-purpose eye cream then you should definitely give it a try. It’s packed with all the goodness to combat dullness, wrinkles and dryness. This eye cream is clinically tested to increase skin density thereby resulting in skin regeneration. It is free of mineral oil, paraben, artificial colours, benzophenone, sulfates and is not tested on animals.


  • Reduces fine lines
  • Keeps the eye area moisturised and hydrated
  • Reduces the appearance of puffy eyes and eye bags
  • Helps in lightening dark circles
  • The under-eye area appears firmer and brighter.




You can purchase this by going on frmadcos site.

Note* This eye cream is Non-Vegan as it has salmon extracts in it.

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