Earth Rhythm Anti Dandruff Shampoo Bar Review

Earth Rhythm Anti Dandruff Shampoo Bar Review

Earth Rhythm Anti Dandruff Shampoo Bar Review

Today I’ve come up with the Earth Rhythm Anti Dandruff Shampoo Bar Review.Around 80% of us face hair fall issues at some point of time in our lives. The reason behind it could be poor lifestyle habits, excessive use of styling products, stress etc. One culprit that I would like to bring to your attention is DANDRUFF. In my earlier posts, I’ve already mentioned that I have dandruff issues. To keep them at bay I am always on the lookout for anti-dandruff shampoos.

Until the previous year, I was using a medicated shampoo. But after I got my hands on Ecoberry No No Dandruff Shampoo bar I’ve switched to organic shampoos.Apart from that, One such product is the Earth Rhythm Anti Dandruff Shampoo. Initially, I was sceptical regarding the efficacy of shampoos in bar form. But since I’ve started using them there’s no looking back . This shampoo bar is enriched with Arnica extracts, peppermint EO and Menthol.

Earth Rhythm Anti Dandruff Shampoo Bar-Key Ingredients


Arnica is a very well known ingredient that is widely used in organic shampoos. The main reason behind it is the fact that it helps in reducing oil production thereby reducing dandruff.

Peppermint EO

It has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help to cool and soothe the scalp. It is effective in treating dandruff and scalp infections. The use of peppermint oil helps to make the hair shinier and bouncier.


The presence of menthol crystals has innumerable benefits. They regulate sebum production, therefore, reduces dandruff. It is also known to stimulate blood circulation which indeed paves way for hair regrowth.

This is shampoo bar is free of sulphates and parabens. So without wasting any further time lets see how it fared on me.

Earth Rhythm Anti Dandruff Shampoo Bar Review

Earth Rhythm Anti Dandruff Shampoo Bar-Packaging

This brand ensures to make minimum use of plastics in their packaging. Thereby paving the way for a healthier and green planet. You have an option of either choosing a tin box packaging or a normal cardboard box. I chose to go with the cardboard box packaging. The details regarding the shampoo bar are mentioned on the box itself. Inside it, the shampoo bar is enclosed in a butter paper for extra protection.

Texture and Fragrance

This shampoo bar has a solid texture. It feels smooth upon touching its surface. I love the beautiful and vibrant sky blue colour of this shampoo bar which itself looks very pleasing. This shampoo predominantly smells of menthol and peppermint EO because these two are the core ingredients along with arnica extracts. But after washing your hair it does not leave behind any fragrance.


Earth Rhythm Anti Dandruff Shampoo Bar Review

My scalp is oily and prone to dandruff. During monsoon season most of us face hair fall issues. I have already finished using it and would be penning down my thoughts on it. You have to wet your hair thoroughly and moisten the shampoo bar. Directly rub it through your hair from scalp till the ends. Make sure you use the pads of your fingers and NOT your fingernails.

This soap lathers really well just like other conventional shampoos. Upon application and during washing it off it gives a slight cooling sensation because of the presence of menthol in it. Often times anti-dandruff shampoos tend to make your hair frizzy. My hair is already frizzy but this shampoo bar did not further aggravate the frizziness.

With continuous use, it has helped in effectively controlling dandruff. We all know that dandruff can be controlled but cannot be cured. Post washing my hair feels squeaky clean, bouncier and less tangled. I have used it both ways-with and without oiling my hair. It cleanses my hair thoroughly within one wash itself. As I said that it has helped in controlling my dandruff therefore my hair is less prone to hair fall.

Therefore to conclude if you’re looking for an anti-dandruff shampoo then you must definitely give this a try. It works better than those chemical-based shampoos.

Price and Availability

This shampoo bar retails for Rs 437 (80g) without the tin case. You can purchase this shampoo bar from their website.

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  1. Abirami S says:

    How long does the shampoo bar last?

    1. I have long hair(uptil hip) and it lasted me for 1.5 months.

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