Earth Rhythm Snail Mucin Gel Review

Earth Rhythm Snail Mucin Gel Review

 Earth Rhythm Snail Mucin Gel Review

 Hello my loves, Today I’ll tell you about one of my most favourite products. It is the Earth Rhythm Snail Mucin Gel Review.It is an overnight gel with 70% snail mucin and aloe vera extract in it. Snail Mucin is basically snail slime that has taken the whole world by storm. Until now it was only K brands that used it in their skincare products. Because of its innumerable benefits, it is found in various anti-ageing and moisturising skin care products. Snail mucin has been touted as the best ingredient to treat wrinkes, stretch marks, pigmentation and acne. Moreover, It has been used to even prevent UV radiation induced skin cancer. Snail mucin is rich in allantoin, collagen, elastin, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, and natural antibacterials.

Benefits of the ingredients present in Earth Rhythm Snail Mucin Gel

Earth Rhythm Snail Mucin Gel Review

Allantoin is one of the most overhyped ingredients in Korean skincare. It moisturises, exfoliates, hydrates soothes and helps in cell proliferation. It is also one of the best anti-ageing ingredients.

Collagen and Elastin help in cell repair and renewal. It makes the skin firm, moist and wards of signs of ageing.

Glycolic acid has a range of anti-ageing benefits…
It helps to give your skin a smoother, more youthful appearance. Once skin cells are separated, glycolic acid help to dissolve the layer of dead skin. This, in turn, helps to gently exfoliate, while unclogging pores and allowing new skin to breath.

Hylarounic acid keeps the skin plump and hydrated. It helps in fighting against environmental stressor that wreak havoc on skin. So, basically, it increases skin resilience.

Antibacterial properties in snail mucin help in treating various skin issues like acne, eczema, redness etc.

Vitamin C and E help in enhancing, brightening the skin and fights against free radical damage.

First Indian Brand to come up with a product containing Snail Mucin

But let me introduce you to the first Indian brand that has come up with a product containing snail mucin. Yes! You read that right! Earth Rhythm is an environmentally conscious brand that offers certified organic, non-toxic, plastic-free and sustainable products that are devoid of any adulterated elements. All their products are made by using the best quality clean and organic ingredients. They even employ and train especially abled people and women from the weaker section of the society in manufacturing their beautiful products. Doesn’t all these facts itself make you want to try out their products? So, without wasting any further time lets dive into the review of Earth Rhythm Renew Overnight Gel with 70% Snail Mucin.


This brand always takes the environment into consideration and that’s the reason why its packaging is eco friendly. This gel comes inside a white cardboard box. Inside the box contains the true beauty. This gel comes in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser making it very hygienic. In fact, most of their products have a pump dispenser. This makes it easier to take out the required quantity without any wastage.

Review-Claims,Consistency & Colour

Earth Rhythm Snail Mucin Gel Review

I was browsing through various Korean brands for a snail mucin product. Basically, because there weren’t any Indian brands that created products containing snail mucin. So, when earth Rhythm revamped its website they even made a few new launches. And this Renew Overnight Gel with 70% snail mucin was one of them. Without giving any second thoughts I instantly placed an order for it. I have been using it regularly for more than a month now. This gel claims to moisturise, repair and regenerate the skin. Its consistency looks somewhat like gelatin. That’s how it’s actually supposed to be. It is neither too thick nor runny. It’s colour slightly off white in colour. This gel is almost fragrance-free.

Earth Rhythm Snail Mucin Gel Review

Initially, when I applied it for the first time my skin felt extremely tight. I could even feel a dry mask-like layer on my skin. That was basically because I went overboard with applying this gel. So Make sure you apply a thin layer of this gel. It should be the last step in your skincare routine. I have a very minimalistic skincare routine. After cleansing and toning my face I apply a moisturizer. Then as the last step, I apply this gel and massage it for a few seconds. It even has aloe vera that is rich in antioxidants. This gel instantly gets absorbed into the skin without leaving behind any greasy feel. Your skin will slightly feel tight because that’s how snail mucin works(makes the skin tight and firm).

During the time I had started using this gel I had a few acne on my cheeks and jawline. With regular use, I have noticed that this gel helped in healing my acne much faster than usual. Along with that my acne scars have also faded to a great extent.

Let me mention that other than these products I wasn’t using any other products. This gel did not cause any breakouts because of the fact that it’s even suitable for sensitive skin. The next morning I wake up my skin is always soft and supple. This snail mucin gel has drastically improved my skin texture. My skin looks much firmer and radiant. Frankly speaking, my skin is at its best right now. I am loving how soft, smooth and brightened my skin has become with regular usage of this gel. I just need 2 pumps of this gel. So, it’s going to last me a pretty long time to completely finish it off.

Final Verdict

This is truly an amazing product that you should definitely not miss buying. I would 100% recommend you to buy this. And if you’re someone who’s into chemical exfoliation, have a compromised skin barrier then its a MUST BUY product.It retails at Rs 849 for 50 ml. Click here to place your order.
Note*The entire snail mucin extraction and filtration and the whole procedure are cruelty-free.



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