Ecoberry Lip Gloss Review

Ecoberry Lip Gloss Review

Ecoberry Lip Gloss Review

Hi, beauties. Today I’ve come up with the Ecoberry Lip Gloss Review in the shade Red Velvet. In my earlier posts, I’ve given a brief about this brand. They have even started making handmade cosmetics. Their lip glosses were their venture into this area. The products are organically produced,handmade and free of chemicals. So,basically, Lip gloss is a product used to give lips a glossy lustre, and sometimes to add a subtle colour. I usually don’t prefer using lip gloss. The reason behind it is that either I go for a creamy finish lipstick or use vaseline in place of a lip gloss. Continue reading If you’re keen on knowing my experience with this product. 

Ecoberry Lip Gloss Review- Packaging

Just like any other liquid lipstick or lip gloss, this comes in a transparent casing with a golden cap over it. You can easily identify the shade because of its see-through packaging. It has a nice sponge applicator wand that makes the application very easy.

Ecoberry Lip Gloss Review- Ingredients

EcoBerry’s Handmade Natural Lip gloss is made out of nourishing oils like Argan, Jojoba, Castor, Coconut and butters like Shea and Cocoa. The colours used in our lip glosses are 100% safe, FDA approved & Naturally mined micas.

Ecoberry Lip Gloss Review

Ecoberry Lip Gloss Review

Ecoberry was very kind to send me a complimentary product along with my order of their shampoo bar. I received this lip gloss in the shade red velvet. They have lipglosses in 7 exciting shades and vegan option is also available at a special price. So, make sure to check out the other colours too. It smells like Castor Oil and olive oil basically. Upon application, the shade looks very light. So you need to apply it many times to build that colour. It feels as if you’ve applied a tinted oil on your lips. It gives a very shiny effect.

Unlike other lip glosses, it does not feel heavy on the lips. This is highly moisturising owing to the fact that its made out of various oils. The gloss just sits there without getting absorbed. It is completely transferable so make sure that you keep your hands away from it. I would rather not prefer eating or drinking anything with this gloss applied because it will easily get wiped off.

The next time I used a lip liner and then applied this gloss and it did help in giving a nice even looking glossy effect to my lips. But I think that can be achieved by using a vaseline also. This lip gloss is going to stay on your lips till the time you don’t touch your lips or eat anything. The brand itself does not claim any lasting hours because it does not use any chemical stabilisers.

Final Thoughts

I would rather not prefer buying this product. But this brand does have some beautiful products in their skincare and haircare range that I would definitely love to try out. I completely love their shampoo bar. You can check my review about it by clicking here.You can place your order directly through their website.



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