French Red Clay Whipped Soap by Miva Naturals
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French Red Clay Whipped Soap by Miva Naturals

French Red Clay Whipped Soap by Miva Naturals

Hello everyone,so today I’ll be reviewing the French Red Clay Whipped Soap by Miva Naturals.This brand makes Homemade natural skincare products. The love with which they make their formulations truly reflects in the quality of their products. They make use of few yet very effective ingredients. It was my first ever experience with a whipped soap and I was very excited to try it out.To be honest I was a bit sceptical on the efficacy of whipped soaps but this one did not disappoint me. It actually gives me a spa like pampering within the comfort of my own house. I usually like to pamper myself alot and this beauty completely amped up my bathing experience. So lets get started with the detailed review of this whipped soap.

French Red Clay Whipped Soap by Miva Naturals – Packaging

French Red Clay Whipped Soap by Miva Naturals

This whipped soap by Miva Naturals comes in a sturdy glass jar with a screw lid over it. Brownie points to this brand as it does not make use of plastics in their packaging making it much eco friendly.


French Red Clay Whipped Soap by Miva Naturals

This whipped soap has a beautiful sweet fruity fragrance. It smells somewhat like strawberry bubblegum that I used to chew during my childhood days. I was actually a bit nostalgic when I first sniffed it.The texture initially looks like watermelon sorbet. It is very fluffy, soft and gives a luxurious feel. Now coming to how I use it. I’ve used it both ways-with a loofah and bare hands and it works pretty well either way. It creates a beautiful foamy lather so you can work upon it easily. You just need a small scoop of this whipped soap so a little goes a long way.

This whipped soap is enriched with the goodness of few yet effective ingredients like glycerin and aloe extract which keeps the skin moisturized.Propylene glycol present in it acts as a humectant and emollient that seals in all the moisture into the skin.It even has Orange essential oil and lavender essential oil known to maintain a healthy skin and prevent early signs of ageing. The presence of french red clay helps in effectively sloughing off surface dead skin cells without stripping off the natural moisture from my skin. Neither does it make my skin dry or stretchy.

What I liked the most about this whipped soap is that it does not leave any residue or slippery feel afterwashing unlike most of the body washes do. Post washing my skin does feel squeaky clean yet moisturised.So to conclude this is a must try product. You get a good quantity of this product with the goodness of all the minimalistic ingredients. And its even very economical considering the price factor. So, I think there arent any reason left of not buying this beauty from Miva Naturals.

Price and Availability

It retails for Rs 250 (50 g). You can DM them to place your order on Instagram

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