Good Vibes Papaya Gel Review

Good Vibes Papaya Gel Review

Good Vibes Papaya Gel Review

Hello my lovelies, Today I’ve come up with the Good Vibes Papaya Gel Review. Good vibes is vegan, cruelty-free brand that formulates its products without gluten, PEGs, GMOs, mineral oils, petrolatum, and synthetic colours. And is good for all skin types. Long back I had purchased this gel along with the rose variant also. But the review was pending for a long time. So without wasting any further time lets dive into the review of this papaya gel from Good Vibes.

Good Vibes Papaya Gel Review-Product Description

Good Vibes Papaya Gel Review

Good Vibes gel, papaya is a lightweight, non-greasy, non-sticky and refreshing face gel. It imparts instant refreshment to the skin with a non-sticky after-feel.

Good Vibes Papaya Gel Review-Features

Good Vibes Gel, Papaya is a lightweight, non-greasy, non-sticky and refreshing face gel. This imparts instant refreshment to the skin with a non-sticky after-feel.Deeply hydrates skin: It provides nourishment and moisturization to the skin. It imparts continuous hydration all day long, making the skin soft and supple. Diminishes signs of ageing: It also rejuvenates the skin and helps in diminishing premature signs of ageing. It reduces the look of wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feetProtects skin from UV: This gel works against harmful sunspots. The gel helps in reversing the damage caused by UV rays. It calms and soothes sunburns and diminish the effect caused by suntan.


This gel comes in a sturdy amber coloured plastic tub with a golden screw cap over it. It even has a stopper lid to avoid any spillage. Overall the packaging looks very luxe.

How to use

Apply it after cleansing and toning your face.


Good Vibes Papaya Gel Review

Let’s begin with my skin type. I have a combination skin type that is slightly sensitive. I have used it as a moisturizer, sleeping mask and in my face masks. So, I used it in winters and even during the hot blistering weather conditions. This papaya gel is very lightweight. Make sure you use a pea-sized amount of this gel. If you go overboard your skin will become sticky. It quickly absorbs into the skin without making it feel greasy or sticky. According to me,  It has an artificial fruity fragrance added to it. This gel has a beautiful vibrant yellow hue. During winters I had to use a moisturizer and then this gel. Because this gel alone could not provide my skin with the needed moisturization. Though during summers I have used it as a standalone moisturizer and it works pretty well.

It says that it can be used on hair also but I won’t prefer to do that. In this lockdown period when we can’t go outside, I usually do threading of my upper lip and eyebrows. So to combat that redness and irritation I use this gel to calm down that issue. I have used it as an overnight mask and the next day my skin does feel soft and supple. You can even use it in your face masks as it pairs up really well with everything. It is mentioned that this gel is best suited for dry skin. But I think this gel is best suited for combination to oily skin types. Other than moisturising my skin I didn’t find anything unique about this product. It did not help in removing suntan or diminish acne scars.

So overall if you’re looking for an affordable moisturising gel then you can give this a try.


Non-sticky, Lightweight, Absorbs quickly, Hydrating and moisturising.Click here to buy.


Nothing wow about this product.

Final verdict

As a layperson, I would say that it’s a good affordable hydrating gel. But now with more awareness about various brands, the ingredients and benefits I would say there are far better-performing products. Keep in mind that its better to spend extra bucks and get quality products. Because they will always benefit your skin in the long run.

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