Juicy Chemistry Chilli, Horsetail & Black Seed Oil Review

Juicy Chemistry Chilli, Horsetail & Black Seed Oil Review

Want to know about a hair oil that controls hair fall, dandruff and promote hair regrowth? Then search no more! Today’s post is about Juicy Chemistry Chilli, Horsetail & Black Seed Oil Review- a magical elixir that will tackle your haircare woes all at once. Juicy Chemistry is an all-natural organic brand that has gained a lot of momentum within a few years. Their formulations are concentrated, contain no water and are certified organic by ECOCERT.

I had been suffering from dandruff and slightly receding hairline for the longest time. I kept trying various products but nothing came to my rescue. Had endless consultations with various dermatologists who used to prescribe various supplements, shampoos and tonics for hair regrowth. All this hard work and money spent wasn’t reaping any results. Finally, my dermat prescribed me to use minoxidil. Upon further research, I came to know that in the long run minoxidil has serious side effects. Also, the results that one gets is short-lived. After thorough research, I decided not to use minoxidil and search for a natural alternative.

 Juicy Chemistry Chilli, Horsetail & Black Seed Oil Review

During that time Juicy Chemistry was all over the gram. Their hair oil was something that each and everyone was raving about. I was quite sceptical initially to give it a try. But finally, around 5 months back I took the plunge and ordered their hair oil. I basically wanted a product that would help in promoting hair regrowth. Want to know if this hair oil is actually worth the hype? Continue reading to know my thoughts on JC Chilli, Horsetail & Black Seed Oil.

Packaging, Fragrance and Consistency of Juicy Chemistry Chilli, Horsetail & Black Seed Oil

 Juicy Chemistry Chilli, Horsetail & Black Seed Oil Review

This oil is housed inside an amber coloured bottle. It comes in a pump dispenser making it quite convenient to use. This oil predominantly smells of black seed oil. It has a beautiful saffron orangish tinge to it. Unlike other hair oils, this is very lightweight and does not make the hair look greasy.

Juicy Chemistry Chilli, Horsetail & Black Seed Oil Review

I’ve been religiously using this hair oil for the past five months. I apply it on alternate days before bedtime and wash my hair the next morning. It is extremely lightweight and is meant to be applied on the scalp only. I apply it only to my receding hairline which is the main concern for me. This oil is a potent formulation with Chilli, Horsetail and Black Seed as its main ingredients.

Benefits of Key Ingredients

Chilli contains capsaicin as an active ingredient. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help in stimulating blood circulation. Thereby promoting hair growth. Various studies suggest that horsetail improves the overall scalp and hair health due to silicon and antioxidant contents present in it. The antioxidants present in horsetail help reduce micro-inflammation of hair fibres. Whereas higher silicon content in hair fibres results in a lower rate of hair fall. Black seeds have a high concentration of thymoquinone, a powerful antihistamine. Antihistamines are often prescribed to patients suffering from alopecia. Black Seed oil is well known to promote hair regrowth.

Final Thoughts

 Juicy Chemistry Chilli, Horsetail & Black Seed Oil Review

Initially, I thought this oil would burn upon application due to the presence of chilli in it. But honestly speaking it did not sting even a slightest bit. However, if you have a sensitive scalp it could cause slight burning. I just use it on my receding hairline. At times I even use it on problematic areas when I am facing severe dandruff. With continuous usage, I am quite amazed by the results. I can see tiny baby hair sprouting on the areas where I used to apply it. I wasn’t quite hopeful that a hair oil would help in promoting hair regrowth. This hair oil by JC is an exception and a true winner. It even reduces dandruff to a certain extent however I even use a ketoconazole shampoo for that.

The JC Chilli, Horsetail and Black Seed oil reduces dandruff, hair fall and promotes hair regrowth all at once. One needs to be consistent in using this formulation. I’ve started noticing the results after using it for more than 5 months. I am truly amazed by this formulation and have already ordered my second bottle. Would highly suggest you all to try this hair oil. It’s an excellent and natural alternative to Minoxidil.

Price and Availability

The Juicy Chemistry Chilli, Horsetail and Black Seed oil retails for Rs 1050. Click here to buy directly from their website.

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