Louis Widmer Pigmacare Skin Tone Balance Review

Louis Widmer Pigmacare Skin Tone Balance Review

Hi guys, how have you all been? After a much-needed break, I’m here with yet another product experience. Today’s post is going to be about Louis Widmer Pigmacare Skin Tone Balance Review. It is truly a miracle product that does what it claims. My sister advised me to use it.She came to know about this cream when she was suffering from severe acne and blemishes. I was suffering from similar issues and this product completely came to my rescue. So now let’s get started with the review of this amazing product by Louis Widmer.

Louis Widmer Pigmacare Skin Tone Balance-Product Description

Pigmacare® Skin Tone Balance effectively reduces pigmentation marks with treatment over eight weeks. Your skin becomes significantly brighter. Vitamin B3 balances pigment blemishes, brightens your skin’s tone, reduces wrinkles and improves your skin’s rate of regeneration. Vitamin C is an active skin-lightening agent, combating pigmentation, reducing wrinkles and skin irritation, redness and damage caused by UV light. It also increases elasticity by improving the collagen synthesis in deeper skin layers and makes the skin appear younger. Antioxidants balance out hyperpigmentation and reduce age spots and hormonally-induced pigmentation. They reduce the production of melanin, bal­ance out the skin tone and create a more radiant, smoother skin.


  Louis Widmer Pigmacare Skin Tone Balance Review

Louis Widmer Pigmacare is a non scented cream which is suitable for all skin types. It helps to remove pigmentation marks, improves skin texture, moisturises and a glow also. This cream can be applied all over your face. However, I prefer applying it only to the affected areas. It has niacinamide, vitamin E, vitamin C, tetrapeptide, hexylresorcinol, glycyrrhetinic. Niacinamide is one of the best ingredients to treat acne. Whereas vitamin C helps in fading acne scars. Vitamin E on the other hand aids in new cell regeneration and tetrapeptide increases cell turnover.

I use it on my active acne (filled with pus). Within 24 hours it helps in reducing the pustule. After that, I continue to apply this cream to get rid of those post-acne scars. Within 14 days I observe a drastic change in the visibility of those marks. Just make sure to use a sunscreen during the daytime as it contains actives. This cream is dermatologist tested and safe to use. The only issue is its availability in India. I couldn’t find it anywhere on online portals. If you’re someone suffering from pigmentation or acne issues then you should give this one a try.

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