Mars Cosmetics Review

Mars Cosmetics Review

Hello everyone, today I’ll be introducing a new budget-friendly makeup brand named Mars Cosmetics that has some amazing products. They had sent me mascara, lip crayon and a beauty blender. So today’s post is going to be about Mars Cosmetics Review. Use my code HEBA10 to avail 10% discount on your orders. We all have a preconceived notion that if something is expensive then its of good quality. Just like others, I used to think the same. I was pondering about how this brand sells such budget-friendly makeup products. I landed on their website and found the reason behind it. This brand collaborates with various beauty manufacturers around the world for its products. They don’t spend a lot of money on marketing thus it allows them to cut down the overall cost of the product.

Initially, I didn’t have high hopes regarding the efficacy of these products. But to my surprise, they turned out to be no less than famous drugstore brands. So now let’s get started with the review of Mars Cosmetics Mascara, lip crayon and Beauty blender.

Mars Cosmetics Fabulash Mascara Review

Mars Cosmetics Fabulash Mascara Review

Use my code HEBA10 to avail 10% discount on your orders. This mascara comes in a black cardboard box. The name of the brand is embossed in Rose Gold colour which makes the overall packaging look luxurious. All the details regarding the product are mentioned on the box. The packaging of the Mars Cosmetics Fabulash Mascara is similar to Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara. The tip of the wand is slightly curvy to give your lashes a beautiful curvy lift. This mascara has an apple fragrance to it. It has a very lightweight formula and does not feel heavy on the lashes, unlike other mascaras.

This mascara is enriched with naturally moisturising beeswax to nourish the eyelashes. Just one coat of this mascara won’t be enough to add that length to your lashes. Therefore apply at least 2-3 coats of this mascara to add volume and length to your lashes. It does not smudge unless you accidentally rub your eyes. It glides on smoothly without causing any clumps on the eyelashes. What I like about it is that it’s extremely lightweight and nourishing which is something that is not usually found in mascaras.

Brand Review of Mars Cosmetics Matte Lip Crayon

 Mars Cosmetics Matte Lip Crayon Review

The shade that I have with me is I Am Powerful-08. It is a beautiful and highly pigmented dark pink shade and upon layering it turns into a beautiful burgundy shade. I usually prefer nude and pink shades as they look quite refreshing and this is perfectly my kind of shade. Although it gives a matte finish it does not make my lips dry. The formula is quite lightweight that glides on the lips smoothly. It does not budge or smudge. It is transfer-proof and lasts for about 3-4 hours (without eating). After that, it starts fading leaving behind a pinkish tint on the lips. Overall a decent budget-friendly lip crayon that you can try out. Use my code HEBA10 to avail 10% discount on your orders.

 Mars Cosmetics matte lip crayon Review

Mars Cosmetics Wonder Blender

 Mars Cosmetics wonder blender

Beauty Blenders have gained a lot of momentum over the past few years. It is known to blend the foundation effortlessly without the makeup looking cakey. This is a dense yet lightweight beauty blender. I always use it damp while applying my foundation and creamy products. It is the perfect egg-shaped blender with a pointed end which reaches hard to reach areas. This beauty blender blends heavy foundation effortlessly and gives an airbrushed look. Overall it does the job of seamlessly blending your makeup to unify the complexion and mask imperfections for a flawless even finish. Use my code HEBA10 to avail 10% discount on your orders.

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