Morish Botanicals Rose Hydrosol Review

Morish Botanicals Rose Hydrosol Review

Hi beauties, after a long time and procrastination I am back with another review for you all. Today’s post is about Morish Botanicals Rose Hydrosol Review. You all know that I go gaga over rose products, and getting to try out something from a new brand was something I was looking forward to. Morish Botanicals is the brainchild of Anchal who loves everything about Ayurveda, botanicals and Wellness. The brand uses the finest ingredients and raw materials for its formulations. With all that said let’s get started with the review.

Morish Botanicals Rose Hydrosol

Morish Botanicals Rose Hydrosol Review

Roses as we all know is the symbol of love, beauty and opulence. Its fragrance is loved by one and all of us. In ancient times in the Middle Eastern countries, women used to bath with rose water. Rosewater was an indispensable part of their beauty regimes. The Rose Hydrosol from Morish Botanicals is completely organic and made out of freshly handpicked roses.

Although it does not smell of the classic roses and is almost fragrance-free.But with continuous usage, I have seen positive outcomes for my skin. Rose Hydrosol contains anti-inflammatory, anti bacterial and antiseptic properties. Thereby it hydrates, nourishes, soothes and restores the skin ph level.

Final Thoughts

This Rose Hydrosol is encased inside a beautiful glass bottle with a pump dispenser. I had used it during the winters when my skin became extremely dry and parched. The Rose Hydrosol was my first step in treating my dry skin in conjunction with other moisturising products. I always spritz it after cleansing my face and even 3-4 times throughout the day, to reap maximum benefits out of it.

Rose hydrosol helps in retaining skin moisture and provides deep hydration. It has astringent properties, therefore when you spritz it over your face it helps in lifting dirt and oil from the skin. When used over a long period it helps in smoothing out fine lines to a certain extent. The hydrosol instantly soothed and hydrated my dry and flaky skin. It helped in making my skin tone a bit more even and replenished my deeper layers of the skin. It is an excellent product to minimize the appearance of pores.

I have used this rose hydrosol in different ways. I apply it as a toner, use it in my face masks, apply it in between layering my products for better absorption. Also, I use it as an eye pack by soaking cotton balls with this hydrosol and keeping it on my eyes(keep it in the refrigerator for maximum benefits). Now with all that being said, I would overall say that it’s a great product for hydrating, soothing and nourishing your skin. Make sure to check out this brand. I have tried their other formulations too and I’m very excited to share my thoughts on them.

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