Oleum Cottage Ultra Healing Foot Cream Review

Oleum Cottage Ultra Healing Foot Cream Review

Hello, beauties! Today I’ll be sharing the Oleum Cottage Ultra Healing Foot Cream Review for you all. Use my code HEBA10 to avail 10% discount on your orders.

Foot care is one of the most neglected aspects for mostly all of us. If one thinks of this neglected beauty aspect, the only thing that comes to our mind is a pedicure session at a salon. Pedicures do provide a new lease of life to our feet, but the result that we get through them is short-lived. Want to know about a foot care cream that is going to provide you with all the benefits of a pedicure? Also, the results that you would get by using this foot cream would be long lasting.

The Oleum Cottage Ultra Healing Foot Cream is one such foot care product that needs all the attention for the right reasons. During this pandemic, going out itself is very risky. So why not pamper yourself with the benefits of a spa-like foot care session at the convenience of your home. This Ultra Healing Foot Cream is an amazing formulation by the brand. As the name suggests its ultra-nourishing and healing. Continue reading to know my thoughts on this pedicure alternative.

Oleum Cottage Ultra Healing Foot Cream

 Oleum Cottage Ultra Healing Foot Cream Review

Let me tell you that I have severely dry feet and hands all year round. I need heavy duty body butters even during summers to combat dry and wrinkly looking skin. The Ultra Healing Foot Cream enriched with Thyme and Wheatgerm is the perfect solution for all your skin (body skin) issues. Just as the name suggests it heals your skin deeply.

It has a luscious thick buttery consistency. The fragrance itself is very mild and pleasing to the olfactory senses. I apply this foot cream twice daily due to dry feet and trust me! This is the best foot cream I’ve ever come across till now.

It is a luxurious blend of skin-nourishing ingredients like Wheatgerm oil, Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Extra Virgin Coconut oil. Wheatgerm oil is highly nourishing and moisturising for mature, ageing and excessively dry skin. The vitamins and fatty acids present in it helps in repairing cracked heels. Thyme EO is known to improve blood circulation which overall boosts skin health and eases foot aches too. Peppermint EO naturally exfoliates the skin which in turn reveals a much fresh and soft skin. This Ultra Healing foot cream contains Beeswax instead of petroleum-based products that tend to clog and suffocate the skin. Beeswax helps in moisturising and treating cracked heels too.

Final Thoughts

 Oleum Cottage Ultra Healing Foot Cream Review

As I mentioned I have Sahara desert dry body skin. I am always on the lookout for intensely nourishing body creams and butters. This foot cream is a magical formulation that will help in treating dry skin, cracked heels and pains all at once. I massage it at bedtime for a few minutes when I suffer from foot aches and it helps in relaxing my muscles. My mom suffers from cracked heels and there are hardly any products that help in solving this issue. She has been using this Ultra Healing Foot Cream by Oleum Cottage only to wake up to soft and smooth skin. With regular usage, it has helped in healing cracked heels too.

This foot cream intensely moisturises and nourishes my skin deeply. It has definitely helped in warding off my dry skin conditions. At times I even apply this foot cream on my hand at night to soak in all the benefits of the skin-nourishing ingredients. Overall a great foot cream that one should definitely invest in. You won’t feel the need to go to a salon for a pedicure session when you have this blessed formulation at home. Say goodbye to those pedicure sessions that provide you with short-lived results. Do grab your hands on this foot cream NOW! It’s a budget friendly foot cream considering the quality and benefits it provides.

Price and Availability

The Ultra Healing Foot Cream retails for Rs 800. Click here to buy directly from their website.

You can use my code HEBA10 to avail 10% discount on your orders.

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