Optimum Organics Vitamin C Serum Review

Optimum Organics Vitamin C Serum Review

Optimum Organics Vitamin C Serum Review

Hey, my lovely people, I know its been a long time since I’ve posted anything due to this pandemic which has made me super lazy. So, today I’ll be sharing with you my first ever experience with Vitamin C serum.Its the Optimum Organics Vitamin C serum review. We all know that people all over the world are raving about the innumerable benefits of Vitamin C if applied onto the skin. It helps in fading acne scars, reduces wrinkles and provides skin brightening effects.

Before stepping into the blogging world I was unaware of the various brands that provide this magic potion. I browsed through the internet and obviously amazon as my partners for finding out about beauty products. And that’s when I came across Optimum Organics Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic acid 30% with Vitamin E and Bellis perennis. To know the complete details about my experience with it do give this a read till the end.

Optimum Organics Vitamin C Serum-What it claims

Optimum Organics Vitamin C Serum Review

PURE, NON TACKY AND LUXURIOUS, our Vitamin C Serum is an excellent addition to your daily skincare routine, this helps in fading dark spots, acne scars, rejuvenating skin, protecting skin from environmental damages. This is perfectly non-tacky yet very concentrated and recommended twice daily application for maximum benefits. ULTIMATE SOLUTION FOR A HEALTHY-LOOKING SKIN, this product is filled with premium actives that work towards lightening of the skin, maintaining skin collagen at optimal levels and also help in treating dry skin conditions. PROVEN ASCORBIC DERIVATIVE, HYALURONIC AND BELLIS PERENNIS FLOWER EXTRACT, complementing the effect of the ascorbic and hyaluronic.

This sweet-smelling premium Bellis perennis flower extract helps in clearing skin and evening out skin tone in a perfectly natural way. SUPERIOR ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION, this product offers superior antioxidant function which helps in maintaining a younger-looking skin at all times. PARABEN AND HARMFUL CHEMICALS FREE PRODUCT, what’s mor,e is that this product does not contain harmful chemicals, parabens, synthetic colours. This can be used as a first-line treatment or maintenance treatment depending on your skin concern.

Optimum Organics Vitamin C Serum Packaging

This serum comes in a pump dispenser glass bottle. The bottle is dark in colour which makes it less prone to sunlight thereby increasing its shelf life.

Optimum Organics Vitamin C Serum- Consistency

It has a gooey gel-like consistency but it gets quickly absorbed into the skin.

Optimum Organics Vitamin C Serum Fragrance

It has a punch of citrusy fragrance which is not too overpowering.


It retails for Rs 999 for 30 ml but you’ll always find it at a discounted price on Amazon. I purchased it for Rs 549.


Optimum Organics Vitamin C Serum Review

This is going to be my first ever bad review of a product. I feel we as bloggers need to be completely transparent so that the audience can choose if they really need to buy a product or not. So, after reading all the good reviews about this serum on amazon I could just not resist buying this one. But wait a minute! Turns out that all the reviews are either fake or paid. Because this serum is one of my worst purchases. It does nothing that it claims.

At first one will be quite impressed that this vitamin c serum contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin e and Bellis perennis.It even claims that its free of parabens,synthetic fragrance,cruelty free,vegan and halal, but this product is not at all worth it. I incorporated it in my am and pm skincare routine for maximum results.

If you’re new to vitamin c you need to buffer the serum with a moisturizer instead of directly applying it onto the skin. I too did this but to my avail, this also did not work. I could see tiny zits and pimples all over my face whenever I applied this serum. Initially, I thought that my skin is purging and once this phase gets over my skin would be much better. But turns out that everything went downhill with this serum. The pimples did not reduce and in fact, they increased to a drastic extent. My skin is not prone to acne so I was quite sure that this serum is the culprit owing to the fact that this was the only new product that I had incorporated into my regime.

But as you say we learn things only the difficult way and I too am one of those. I did not stop using this serum for more than 2 weeks and till that time it had already wreaked havoc on my skin. The moment I stopped using this I could see that my pimples were subsiding and the redness on my cheeks was fading away.
So to conclude I would recommend you to never purchase this serum. Please don’t fall prey to the good reviews on amazon and always do thorough research work before buying something for your skin.


I think none.


Caused severe breakouts.
Skin became red and itchy.



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