Qurez Khus & Rose Toning Gel

Qurez Khus & Rose Toning Gel

Qurez Khus & Rose Toning Gel

Gel moisturizers are a blessing for people with combination or oily skin type. They provide just the right amount of moisturisation to the skin without feeling heavy or sticky. I have reviewed 2 gel-based products on my blog. Today I’ll be reviewing yet another gel-based product which instantly became my favourite. I’ll be reviewing the Qurez Khus & Rose Toning Gel. Qurez is an environment conscious brand with a very captivating vision and mission.

In today’s scenario, we are forced into believing that being flawless is the real definition of being beautiful. The moment I read about the vision and philosophy of the brand it instantly occupied a special place in my heart. This brand believes in embracing one’s flaws and embark on a journey of natural and sustainably sourced products from mother nature. I got a golden opportunity to try out their Khus and Rose Toning Gel that hasn’t been officially launched yet as part of a giveaway that I had won. So without wasting any further time lets dig into the review of this product.

Ingredients of Qurez Khus & Rose Toning Gel

Khus HydrosolKhus has antimicrobial properties that help in warding off pimples and blemishes. It instantly soothes and tones the skin. Continuous usage of khus ensures a younger-looking and wrinkle-free skin. Rose HydrosolRoses are packed with antioxidants. They stimulate new cell production and neutralises free radicals. It is used to treat an array of skin infections.Vegetable Glycerin Balances the skin ph level. It locks moisture into the skin and facilitates regeneration of new skin cells.

Packaging of Qurez Khus & Rose Toning Gel

Qurez Khus & Rose Toning Gel

This gel comes in a beautiful glass jar with a golden screw lid over it. The packaging reminds me of the traditional jams that come in mini sizes.

Fragrance and Texture

Qurez Khus & Rose Toning Gel

The fragrance of this gel is the first thing that caught my attention. It smells divine! This gel typically smells like khus with hints of roses in it as these two are the only ingredients in it in the form of hydrosol along with glycerine. The fragrance itself is a treat to the olfactory senses. This gel has an extremely lightweight texture. Upon application, it feels like you are feeding your skin with a burst of hydration.


Qurez Khus & Rose Toning Gel

I have a combination skin type and usually prefer to apply gel-based moisturizers during the day. The main reason is that along with providing my skin with the necessary hydration my skin does not get weighed down. This gel has an extremely lightweight consistency with a slight greenish hue to it. Upon application, one would feel as if they are just slathering a layer of water on their face. I store this gel in the fridge to get that added cooling benefit while application.

As it is mentioned that its a toning gel I apply it straight after cleansing my face during the daytime. This gel sinks into the skin within a fraction of seconds without leaving behind any greasy trace. It provides my skin with a burst of hydration. At night after applying this gel I do have to layer it up with a moisturizer as this alone cannot provide the necessary moisturisation alone.

If you are into threading, waxing or bleaching this gel would be the perfect option to use as it instantly calms down the skin. Also if you spend a lot of time outdoors under the direct sunlight you can apply this gel to cool down your sunburnt skin. Therefore to conclude this is a great hydrating and toning gel for all skin types. If you have oily to combination skin type this alone would be sufficient for you during the day. Whereas if your skin is on the drier side make sure to pair it up with a moisturizer.

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