Vedantika Herbals Radiant Face Feed Review

Vedantika Herbals Radiant Face Feed Review

Vedantika Herbals Radiant Face Feed Review- Instant Brightening Face Mask

Face masks are a great addition to pamper oneself. There are various face masks that target various skin issues. Today I’ll be reviewing one such mask. It is the Vedantika Herbals Radiant Face Feed Review. True to its name it feeds the skin with all the herbal goodness. Vedantika Herbals uses naturally sourced herbal ingredients without using any chemical preservatives, synthetic colours and fragrances. So you’re sure that you’re treating your skin with all the natural goodness. As usually there are many masks in the market that have a lot of chemicals in it. Instead of doing any good, they can actually harm your skin in the long run. With the blend of various herbs, it targets to make the skin firm, radiant and vibrant.

Vedantika Herbals Radiant Face Feed Review

Vedantika Herbals Radiant Face Feed Review

This mask has an array of beautifully natural ingredients. It is enriched with Carrot seed extracts known to soothe and relax the skin. Marigold flower reduces pigmentation and reverses signs of ageing. Santalum Album gives a cooling effect and deeply cleanses the pores along with moisturising and give a radiant glow to the skin. Multani mitti is an excellent ingredient to get rid of dirt, grime and excess oil. Bitter orange peel is rich in antioxidants and helps in skin brightening and rose petals calm and instantly refreshes the skin. With all the goodness of these ingredients, one can imagine how beautiful and natural this face feed is. This face mask has a very earthy fragrance. It smells predominantly of camphor with hints of sandalwood also. I use it twice weekly after using the Vedantika Herbals Rose Sandal Face Wash.

How to apply?

It is a finely milled powder and once you activate it with rose water it turns into a smooth paste. You can mix it with any hydrosol, milk or curd depending on your choice. Though I prefer mixing it with rose water. I usually apply this after using my face wash. I slather a decent layer of this mask on my face and neck and leave it for approximately 5 minutes. Once applied it gives a slightly cooling sensation. It is slightly gritty so I dampen my palms and massage this in circular motions. So it acts as a two in one product. It gets easily washed off without any slippery feel.

Post Washing effects of the Vedantika Radiant Face Feed

Post washing my skin looks squeaky clean. Upon touching my face feels soft and supple. It did not dry out my skin. It did slightly brighten my skin. True to the name it does gives radiant and glowy skin. The glow lasts for a good 2-3 hours. With regular usage, I am sure that it will help in reducing sun tan and minor acne scars. To conclude this is a good mask that does what it claims. One should definitely give this a try. Brownie points for being affordable too.

Vedantika Herbals Radiant Face Feed Review


Vedantika Herbals Radiant Face Feed Review


Makes skin squeaky clean
Soft and supple skin
Instantly gives a brightened up effect
Skin looks glowy for a good 2-3 hours
Will help in reducing suntan
Reduce minor acne scars
Free of parabens, chemicals and silicone
No artificial colour
100% Natural





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